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How to Play Games with PS Sticks on Android

How to Play Games with PS Sticks on Android

There are many android games released using exciting game play and also a sharper display with high definition technology.

But unfortunately, playing games on Android with touch screen buttons is not satisfactory, so to overcome this the solution is to use PS sticks to play Android games.

We understand the times and the emerging technologies make many things that can be done very easily, like playing an Android game using PS sticks.

Not a few indeed Android users who still do not understand how to install and tips using PS sticks to play Android games, but you do not worry, because this time we will give a tutorial on how to play Android games using PS sticks, for more information, let's see the way below.


Android devices that support OTG Then prepare a PS2 stick or PC stick As a connection, you also need to set up an OTG cable Also prepare the PS2 stick converter to USB, if you use a PS2 stick USB software or software / BT joycenter, please download here

How to connect PS stick to Android 

  • First download the USB / BT Joycenter app then please install 

  • Next plug the PC stick or PS2 stick that has been connected to the converter or OTG then plug it into the Android smartphone After that, enter the USB / BT JoyCenter app, then press on IME Then click search, if the driver appears ex. 

  • Pc or ps1 dualshock / ps3 dualshock, please press and then the mapping key will appear, Next minimize (please press the home button) and just play the game on ppsspp as well as fpse / epsxe.

Note: the PC stick or PS2 / PS1 can only be used to play emulator games that can be manual mapping keys.

Ex: epsxe, fpse, ppsspp, drastic, myboy and others. Remember! Can't play android data game apk! There are only a few games that support.

How to use PS3 Sixaxis wireless stick on Android


Android device is rooting Prepare the PS3 stick Download the Sixaxis controller software here. Also prepare a P3 data stick cable

How to connect Android using USB / BT JoyCenter:

  • First, please install the sixaxis controller 
  • Then connect the PS3 data cable to Android. If connected, the lights on the stick will turn on Please enter the sixaxis app 
  • Next you click the pair then click OK If the master address appears to be updated, the stick can be used with Bluetooth 
  • Then uninstall the data cable then press start in the sixaxis app, then press the P button on the stick until the Sixaxis app has a message conected xxxxxcx


So many brief reviews that we can share this time about how to play Android games using PS sticks. Hopefully useful.

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